Hydrosphere series

Hydro # 1, Watercolour on paper, 65 x 85 cm, 2019

This series is about water, the primary requirement for life on our planet and of central significance for all cultures, yet for too long taken for granted. Already the global disruption of the water cycle by climate change is profoundly threatening many species including our own and undermining the ecosystems upon which all life depends.

I am interested to find ways to approach the subject which are powerful and informed but not overtly illustrative so am developing strategies to explore the positive conceptual relationships between water as subject and water as medium.

Hydro # 6, Watercolour on paper, 45 x 66 cm, 2019
Hydro # 7, Watercolour on paper, 66 x 85 cm 2019

The question I am addressing is whether in an era of science and computer simulation and huge advances in the imaging of the earth and other planetary systems, there remains a role for traditional media like watercolour in evoking complex interrelationships and processes.

Standing back from the pictorial, reducing the parameters and exploring the fundamental properties of the media allows access to the drama of the interaction of water, paint and paper – which can in some way record and imprint natural processes and forces.

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