Archive: FOODCHAIN, 2006 – 2010

FOODCHAIN examined food production and packing in South Lincolnshire, one of the most productive and intensively farmed arable areas of Europe and a historically a destination for migrant workers from all over the world. The project grew out of a 2006 photographic commission for the East Midlands Museums Partnerships.

Monika, Utopia UK Ltd. Spalding, July 2009.
Monika, who has a degree in Economics from Poland had worked at Utopia for a year. She was working through an agency on a 12 hour shift with four days on and four days off. Before it went out of business Utopia supplied Morrisons, M&S, Tesco, Somerfield and Waitrose.

In the context of the 2004 enlargement of the EU which had rapidly altered the demographics of towns like Boston – leading to the rise of intolerance and UKIP, that work was commissioned to demonstrate the positive contribution of migrant workers to the region and the economy and was toured to 16 Museums in the region. I expanded and developed the project independently during subsequent years.

High Care organic bagging facility, Kirton, Boston 2009.
Chicken Balti & Rice, Boston 2006
John & Neusa, Holbeach Hurn, Lincs. 2009
Students from Lithuania, Moulton, Lincs. July 2009
Sutton Crosses, Lincs. 2006

During 2009 I was able to undertake further research, photographic and film work in the region, joined by Ben Holland on video. The Stringtheory project was realised with help from the Arts Council England, Lincolnshire County Council and Cumbria County Council.

‘FOODCHAIN’, Usher Gallery, Lincoln, 2010

FOODCHAIN film and photography was exhibited at LIGHTHOUSE, Wolverhampton in 2009 and at USHER Gallery, Lincoln in 2010. The photographic series was nominated for Prix Pictet 3 by Gallery of Photography, Dublin.

‘FOODCHAIN’ Instaltion film # 2, Usher Gallery, Lincoln, 2010