NICK MAY  Artist & Filmmaker       

Solo Exhibitions

2011                       ‘FOODCHAIN, Photography & Film by Nick May & Ben Holland’

                                Usher Gallery, Lincoln  

2009                       ‘FOODCHAIN’ Light House, Wolverhampton

                                (Photography nominated for Prix Pictet, 2010 by Gallery of Photography, Ireland)

                              ‘FOODCHAIN’ installation, SEAS international, Skegness      

2006                      ‘Till the Cows Come Home…  Film and Photography by Nick May’

Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle

2004                     ‘Till the cows come home…’Folly Gallery, Lancaster

                              ‘Till the cows come home…’ Abbott Lodge, Penrith

                              ‘FMD; Fragments, Movies and Documents’

                              Harbour Gallery, Whitehaven 

2000                     ‘Out of Hours’ Video Installation, National Lottery Public Art Commission, Barrow in Furness

1999                     ‘Conference’ Video Installation,

                              Lanternhouse Ulverston

                              ‘Zero Tolerance’ Video Installation,

                              Lanternhouse Ulverston

1998                     ‘All Routes Open’ Video Installation,

                             National Lottery Outreach Commission, Arts Centre Washington

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 – 2023 SSA 130 Years, Scottish Royal Academy, Edinburgh

2022 Art of Water VI, James May Gallery (no relation!) US, ARTSY

2021- 2022 SSA Annual Exhibition, Scottish Royal Academy, Edinburgh

2021 Art of Water V, James May Gallery, Wisconsin, US, ARTSY

2020 Post Covid-19 Era. Independent & Image Art Space, Chongqing, China

2019 – 2020 The Locked Room. Laure Genillard Gallery. London

2018          ‘You have two cows’   Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden

2013                      ‘Visualising the Real Rural’, Crown Gallery, Carlisle

2011                      ‘The Moment of Privacy has Passed’, Usher Gallery, Lincoln

2009                     Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm. In participation with Kultivator    

2007                     Art Gallery of Siauliai, University, Lithuania

                              Rytojus 2007 – ‘Migration-migracija’ Warehouse Gallery, Kendal

2006                     ‘Documenting FMD’, Holden Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester

2005                     ‘The Cultural Documents of Foot & Mouth’, ICIA, University of Bath

1999-2000           ‘Sea Change’, Dock Museum, Barrow in Furness

1999                     Cumbria – Wendland.  Lüchow, Germany

1998-99               ‘corpoREAL, Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle

1998                     ‘Video Soup’, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh Festival

                              ‘Artists in Arms’, British Red Cross Society:

                              St. David’s Hall, Cardiff

                              Graffiti, Mansfield Place Church, Edinburgh

                              The Royal Geographic Society, London

1997 Works on Paper, Crescent Arts Center, Belfast

1996                     Cumbria Visual Arts Festival, Harbour Gallery, Whitehaven

                              ‘Beauty?’  University of Northumbria at Newcastle

1983                     Photographers Gallery, London:

                              ‘Alex McDowell, Rocking Russian Designs & 3 Kliks – Film & Video’

1981                     ICA, London, ‘Rocking Russian Designs & 3 Kliks – Film & Video’

1974                     A F D Gallery, Fitsroy Centre, London, ‘Nick May, Super 8 films’

Selected Film Credits

2009                        Three films by Nick May and Ben Holland:

                                 FOODCHAIN (cinema short) 00:13:21

                                 (MOVES International Festival of Movement on Screen, 2010)

                                 FOODCHAIN (exhibition installation film # 1 – testimony) 1:35:20

                                 FOODCHAIN (exhibition installation film # 2 – montage) 1:02:34

2001 – 2006           TILL THE COWS COME HOME…

                                 Seven Films: Producer, Director, Camera, Editor


‘Elizabeth and Ian Batey, Bell Mount Farm, Penrith, March 2002 ’00:22:20

‘Claire and Stephen Bland, Abbott Lodge Farm, 2002-2004’  00:40:44

‘Catherine and Chris Chappelhow and family. Clifton Dykes ’00:25:50

‘Steadman and Judy Dodd, West View Farm, Temple Sowerby, 2002-2003 ’00:17:48  

‘The Harrison Family, Woodhouse Farm, Melkinthorpe, 2002-2004

 and Aimee’s Story’  1:28:00    

2004 ‘MERZ film’ 68:00:00 DV-DVD Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

2002                     ‘FAIR GAME’

                               00:16:00 DV-DVD, Producer, Director, Camera, Editor (Nothern Film Award Funded)

                               (Kinofilm, 7th Manchester International Short Film Festival)

 2000                     ‘IN THE MIND OF MAN’

               00:36:00 DV-DVD

               Producer, Director, Lighting Camera, Editor

               National Lottery Commission, Theatre by the Lake, Keswick

1989                     ‘THE HILLS ARE ALIVE’

                              16mm  00:52:00

                              Director, Writer, Researcher, Co-producer

                              Channel Four Television, Border Television, NM Productions

                              (Ecofilm 89, Lille) Nominated for Flaherty Award and Prix Italia


                              16mm, 00:60:00

                              Director, Researcher, Writer

                              Arts Council of Great Britain and Channel Four Television

                              (London Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival; ICA Cinema;

                              ABC Television Australia, New York Museum of Broadcasting;

                             ( INPUT 83, Liege) Nominated for Grierson and Flaherty Documentary Awards

1981                     Three Videos for IGGY POP ‘Soldier’ Album

                              ‘Loco Mosquito’

                              Director, Co-Producer, Editor

                              Rocking Russian, 3 Kliks, Arista Records

1977                     ‘INVADERS’

                              16mm B/W 1:27:00

                              Director, Writer, Lighting Camera, Editor

                              London Film Festival Choice 1977

1973                     ‘Feye Lesley’ # 1 & # 2

                              16mm B/W 00:10:00 and Video B/W 00:45:00, Director, Writer, Lighting Camera, Editor

 Feature Film Development

1983-1985           Director, Researcher, Co-Writer, Feature Film Scripts:

                               RAFFY AND SEAN and SECOND DEATH, for Channel Four Television


1999                     Northern Arts Fellowship, Residency & Video installation, W S International, Ulverston


2007-8                  Senhouse Roman Museum, Maryport

                              Production of film, photographic & interactive video works

2006                     ‘Feast of Fenland’ East Midlands Museums Partnership,

                              Research & Photography for a touring exhibition to 16 East Midlands Museums and Heritage sites

Selected Publications

2020 Contributed to ‘THE LOCKED ROOM, Four Years that Shook Art Education, 1969-1973’ (The MIT Press)

2006                     Vertigo, Volume 3 / Issue 3 / Autumn 2006, Feature:  ‘Till the cows come home…’

1990                     Contributed interviews to ‘LIVING IN THE SHADOW, The story of the people of Sellafield’

                               Jean McSorley.  PAN BOOKS 1990


1990-1991           Greenpeace UK & Greenpeace International

                              Development of Documentary Feature Film Projects and TV series

                              LIVING IN THE SHADOW and THE NARROW ROAD NORTH

Selected Awards

 Best Single Image, Special Award. Redeye, North West Photography Network, 2003 


2013                      ‘Visualising the Rural’ University of Cumbria

2006                     ‘Grains of Truth, The New Rural Photography’ Lancaster University          

                              ‘Pandemics and Society’ Manchester Town Hall

2005                     ‘From FSA to FMD; The New Rural Photographic Documentary Tradition’ ICIA, Bath

                              ‘NEW FIELDS; Art and Agriculture’ Leeds City Art Gallery

                              ‘The New Rural Photography’ Q Arts, Derby

2003                     ‘Rural Arts’ Eden Arts, Penrith

2001                     ‘Grass Roots’ Chipping, Lancashire

1989                     ‘ECOVISION ’89’ Lille, France

1983                     ‘INPUT ’83’ International Festival of Public Broadcasting, Liege, Belgium


1996-                    Director: Nicki B Ltd.

2001-                    Director: Stringtheory Ltd. (Not-for-profit arts company, Limited by Guarantee)  

Selected Teaching

2013/14                  Associate Lecturer (Temporary), Sheffield Hallam University, MA International Documentary Film

2012                      Visiting Lecturer/Course Convenor, University of Cumbria: Experimental Film

2009                      Guest Lecturer, University of Lincoln, Media Production, Film & Photography

2008                     Guest Lecturer, Sunderland University, MA Photography

2002- 6                 Visiting Lecturer/Course Convenor:  University of Glasgow, Crichton Campus:

                              Documentary Film, Video and Photography, Research and Development

1993-2003           Part Time Lecturer, Cumbria College of Art & Design/Cumbria Institute of the Arts

                              BA (Hons) Fine Art: Time Based Media

1996-1999           Visiting Lecturer, University of Northumbria at Newcastle,

                              BA (Hons) Media Production, Course Convenor:

                              Documentary Film Production, Fiction Film Production, Fiction Film Direction

1995-96                Associate Senior Lecturer (0.4) University of Northumbria at Newcastle

                              BA (Hons) Media Production (Film & Video):

                              Course Convenor: Contemporary Strategies in Documentary, Experimental Video,

                              Documentary Film Production, Fiction Film Production, Yr. II Personal Studies Tutor




                              ANFTS, Direction for Fiction and Documentary Film

1970-73               St. MARTIN’S SCHOOL OF ART. LONDON

                              Dip AD (BA Hons) ‘A Course’ (The Locked Room) Fine Art, Sculpture

1969-70               Mid-Warwickshire College of Further Education,

                              Fine Art Foundation

1969                     Fine Art Overseas Travel & Study Scholarship