Archive: 2012/13

2012, Greek series

Greek # 3, watercolour on paper, 2012
Greek # 4, watercolour on paper, 2012
Greek # 5, watercolour on paper, 2012
Greek # 7, watercolour on paper 2012
Greek # 8, watercolour on paper, 2012

These were from a series of watercolours based on the concept of still life made in Greece in 2012. I wanted to use the colour of the local fruit and vegetables in direct reference to them – but without representation. I was using the rapid evaporation of water in the summer heat as an integral factor in making the paintings. The work was more about the intense experience of Greece than the representation of it.

I have also painted Greek fruit & veg directly. Working from life can be a useful discipline in itself and in developing non-representational work.

Beach sketchbooks, Greece 2013

Roasting on a beach seems a futile and hazardous pastime – but it is great for life studies! So is watching TV – below from a sketchbooks made watching a late BBC news program.

Uncle Jack & Uncle Ho, 2013